“Ink It When You Think It”

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Author and Brand Consultant, Sam Horn, recently told me to write ideas down as soon as I have them. “Ink it when you think it.”

This got me thinking…no one writes anything down anymore. Sure, people write out grocery lists, and some may stay organized with bullet points in a planner, but how many people write down an important idea they’ve had or lesson they’ve learned after hearing or reading it?

You may be saying, “Kyle, I’m not going to write down every lesson I learn. “Ain’t nobody got time for that” 

If you did just say that, as unlikely as it is, you’re right. No one has time to write down every single idea they have, lesson they learn, or story that amuses them, and that’s a good thing! I’m not telling you to give up your social life to transcribe all the intricate details of your daily observations. But just because you cannot write them all, does not mean you shouldn’t make an effort to document the good ones! Just like the story about the boy throwing starfish back into the ocean, you may not have time for all of them, but you do have time for a few, and those few will make a huge difference.

What type of difference can it make?

I was recently looking back at some of the notes that I took about intriguing things I had heard or read. What amazed me about these notes was not the information I was seeing again, it was my realization that I had used the stats, quotes, and stories from these notes on numerous occasions!

The information I had written down was the information I not only remembered, but used.

And why is it important to remember this information?

Simple. Your ability to seamlessly transition to stories, stats, and quotes within casual conversation will make you interesting! And believe it or not, interesting people make great connections and obtain opportunities that uninteresting people miss out on.

Learn new things. Write them down. Bring them up. Repeat.

Then, tell me something you wrote down. I’m interested!


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