Channeling Your Inner Toddler


The average 4-year-old asks 400 questions per day. That means, if a 4-year-old wakes up at 7 am and goes to bed at 8 pm, he or she will ask 30 questions per hour, and that’s not counting nap-time!

Toddlers may do this for a number of reasons, but I’m willing to bet that one reason is at the top of the list: they’re interested!

Let’s be honest, 400 questions is far too many for any normal person to handle, but I do think we can take a lesson from these inquisitive toddlers. At some point, we all decide on the topics that will elicit our interest, and in the process, we close our minds to the world outside of those interests.

We’ve stopped asking questions, and we’ve lost interest!

Tantrums and nap-time aside, I’d like to encourage you to channel your inner toddler. Consider taking interest in the world around you, even if it’s not naturally easy for you to generate. Start asking why, and actually listen to the responses you get. Taking this approach will make life much more interesting, and you may gain some surprising insight and perspective.

Leave a comment and let me know how channeling your inner toddler affects your day!


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