Keep Your Eyes on Your Goals

eyes on goal

Challenge for you.

Go outside. Choose an object in the distance. Try to walk to it without taking your eyes off of it.

Did you do it? No? Next time, I suppose.

If you actually did do it, first off, I’m proud of you.

Secondly, you probably learned something important: it is really hard to keep your eyes on an unmoving object for 5 minutes or more. And that makes sense, right? Why would you need to?

When you’re walking somewhere, you know that despite looking elsewhere, you can still make it to your destination.

Unfortunately, moving toward your goals does not work the same way! Weird to think you’ve actually learned a bad habit from walking, huh?

Most people think they can take their eyes and mind off their goals and still magically end up in the right place.

In actuality, achieving your goals is more like the walk you just envisioned yourself taking. You need to keep your eyes fixed on the outcome and consciously do what it takes to get there. When you take your attention off of your goals, you may get distracted and forget where you’re headed.

Keep your eyes on your goals, and you will get to the destination you desire.

Then you can look around…and the view might be nicer from there anyway.


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