How It Came to Be (Part 1 of 7)

The Story of My Book and Why I Chose To Write It. 

“You need to hold this flight!”

It’s amazing how one encounter changed the direction of my life. My first book, Wake Up Call, is coming out one week from today, and I’ve decided to tell you the story of how the book came to be. I’ll post a piece of the story every day until it comes out on April 17th. Oddly enough, this is where it began.

“Please, you cannot take off yet.” I was absolutely begging the flight attendants.

“Sir, you will have to take a seat.”

“You don’t understand. My boss is not on this flight yet. Do you know how terrible this could be for my career if he misses this flight because I wasn’t able to stall it for 5 extra minutes?” I had just started my senior year of college.

The flight attendants, one man and one woman, looked at each other. “Well, how close is he?”

“He’s already through security! He’s running here as we speak.” I had no idea how close he was.

The flight attendants looked at each other again. “We’ll give you five more minutes. You can have a seat now.”

I turned to move toward my seat, but decided this would remove all of my bargaining power. I turned back around and smiled calmly. “Do you two have to deal with things like this quite a bit?”

Boy am I glad I started that conversation.

We talked about the intricacies of being a flight attendant, and I told them my story-an intern at a leadership development company looking to become a leadership trainer and keynote speaker. 15 minutes later, they gave me another 5 minute warning, and shortly after, my boss ran onto the plane with his shoes and belt in hand.

The flight attendants gave me high fives, and I finally moved to take a seat.

As the flight attendants moved through the cabin checking the overhead compartments, and ensuring people had their seat belts fastened, the gentleman flight attendant stopped at my seat.

“Hey Kyle. We have an extra seat in first class. We thought it would be a little funny if we let you sit up there. You can rub it in to your boss when you land.”

Now, I hadn’t sat first class on anything before this, and I don’t know if I’ll sit first class on anything again so I was more than happy to accept the offer.

Moving toward first class, I gave a head nod with a smile to my boss. He shook his head. Later, he said, “I’ve never seen anyone get upgraded for stalling a plane.”

I took my seat in first class and began a conversation that changed the direction of my life.

(To be continued tomorrow…)




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