How It Came to Be (Part 2 of 7)

The Story of My Book and Why I Chose To Write It.

I walked slowly and happily up to first class after talking two flight attendants into stalling an airplane for my boss, and I took a seat next to a man in his early forties.

Now I’m not much for small talk. Who am I kidding? I’m all about small talk. Plus, this was first class; I’m sure this man had something interesting just waiting to be shared. I struck up a conversation and listened intently to his responses.

We talked for hours about business and life. He told me about an author named Andy Andrews and the impact this author was having on so many lives. The man then made an interesting proposition.

“Kyle, I’ll make a bet with you. You’ve told me about your favorite entrepreneurs and the books that you’ve read. I’ll bet you that, if you read two of Andy Andrews’ books, he will have more of an impact on your life than any of the other people you’ve told me about tonight.”

I was just curious. “What happens if I read them and still think a different book was more beneficial?”

“I will pay your round-trip airfare to anywhere you want to go in the country.”

I was not expecting that!

“What? Really?” This bet seemed ridiculous, but I suppose, I was in first class.

“Absolutely. You just have to agree to read my two favorite Andy Andrews’ books, and we’ll talk about them afterward. You can be honest with me, and if they don’t have a tremendous impact on your life, I’ll fly you to anywhere you want to go.”

Like any sane person would do, I shook the man’s hand and agreed to pick up the two books as soon as possible. Long story short, I read them, loved them, and called the man a few weeks later to tell him he had won the bet.

The books did have an influence on my life, but they had a different impact than I think the man in first class could have anticipated. While I agreed with the lessons inside each book, a part of me couldn’t stop thinking about the lessons that were not presented or the audience that would not relate to the way these lessons were written: youth. Young minds are influenceable, and the impact that foundational life lessons can have on young leaders can make a positive difference in the direction of their lives.

I began wishing that each book was written differently. I thought about the things I would change or the lessons I would convey if it were my book. Most of all, I wished more people had the opportunity to learn foundational life lessons early on in their lives. Things like responsibility, service, and action don’t only become relevant when individuals are in their twenties.

Even though all of these thoughts were racing through my mind, I was still a college student! I would never find the time to start writing a book during my senior year!

Well, sometimes I think God places the right people in your life at the right times. The next plane ride I took, that is exactly what happened.

(To be continued tomorrow…)



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