How It Came to Be (Part 4 of 7)

The Story of My Book and Why I Chose To Write It.

After stalling an airplane, making an interesting bet, having an idea, meeting a celebrity, and making a decision, it was time for me to actually start my book. I made my outline, and started what I thought would be the hard part: writing.

I had heard some great things about a crazy new drink called coffee so I decided (after three-and-a-half years of college) that I was going to become addicted. I don’t know many people who have consciously chosen to incite a coffee addiction, and I’m still not really sure how I feel about it, but my productivity skyrocketed that semester.

Starting this book was the most empowering feeling I’ve ever had. The first week was sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. Then I made my first mistake:

I told someone.

I don’t remember who, I don’t remember exactly when, but all of a sudden, the pressure was on. I was ACTUALLY writing a book. It wasn’t just a thought anymore. People started asking me about it, and I, at the expense of my writing time, would happily answer.

“When’s it coming out?”

“Not anytime soon!”

While there was now more pressure to finish the book, and writing in solidarity at a coffee shop became more difficult, I started to notice a trend. Almost everyone I talked to, at some point in their life, had thought about writing a book. I started to think to myself:

At what point in the process did they give up?

From then on, my primary motivator, anytime I had writer’s block, anytime I felt too tired to wake up early to write was:

This is when most people would give up.

This thought has continued to be a motivator for me, and it really is the thought that pushed this book forward.

When I graduated from Marquette, a lot changed. I spoke at the college of business commencement ceremony, trained for a marathon only for it to be cancelled the day I was supposed to run it, and accepted one last summer internship.

This is relevant because I also took two months off of writing during my internship. Looking back, I think this was a great thing. I enjoyed my life during that time and didn’t worry all too much about my book.

But at the end of my internship, I accepted a full-time position at a leadership development company called FOCUS Training (I actually signed my contract with the boss I stalled the plane for in my first How It Came To Be post).

As I read through my contract, one line made me do a double-take. I looked up with a smile and said, “Really?”

(To be continued tomorrow…)

Days Until WAKE UP CALL!


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