The Dakota Happiness Factor Tractor

kyle SD

The past couple days I’ve been in South Dakota speaking at a conference for 1,600 FCCLA students. It was a great experience; I spoke about effecting positive change, taking action, and being persistent to accomplish goals.

What took me aback, and what always seems to take me aback when I’m in South Dakota, is how genuine and accommodating the people of South Dakota are. I don’t think much thought is put into North and South Dakota by those who don’t live there; they fly under the radar, and to be honest, that’s why I wanted to write this blog post.

I think we can all learn something from South Dakota.

While most would agree that the weather in the Dakotas is not the most favorable and the population leaves something to be desired, there is a happiness factor in the Dakotas that is evident. I’m generalizing of course, but people in the Dakotas are consistently making the choice to be happy!

A student at the conference told me she was from a city with 14 people! I said, “Oh, so one of those one-stoplight towns you hear about?” She said, “Yeah…Except there are no stoplights.” Many people wouldn’t be very optimistic in this scenario, but to my surprise, she told me that despite the lack of people and attractions in the town, there were always things for high school students to do.

This girl has a great attitude.

Just for fun, I’m going to call this the Dakota Happiness Factor Tractor.

I think everyone should take a ride on the Dakota Happiness Factor Tractor. Not only is this descriptive of South Dakota in just about every way (seriously, there’s a tractor museum in Kimball, SD), it has a pretty nice ring to it too.

The courtesy and politeness the people of South Dakota show to complete strangers has made me feel at home there several times, and I’ve appreciated that very much.

We all should aspire to be happy as those in North and South Dakota do and allow that happiness to rub off on those we interact with.

Have you been to North or South Dakota? Do you think this is true? Leave a comment and let me know!


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