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FOCUS Trainers Speak Americano

If you ever wonder what we do before the students show up for training… THIS is what we do. The FOCUS team and I having some fun before all the students show up!


Students Dance for a Difference. Will You Help?

Today we start camp number 5 of the 7 leadership camps we’re running in Oklahoma. The students need your help; below I’ll tell you why.


Every camp, we ask the group of students if they have been affected by the tornados or personally know someone who has, and every single camp almost 100% of the hands go up. It has been eye-opening to hear personal accounts of where people were when the tornados were coming through, or how much destruction has occurred because of them.

It has meant so much to these students that they have an opportunity to give back and help the people close to them.

Tomorrow night, we will be having our 5th dance-a-thon to raise funds for tornado relief here in Oklahoma. The students at each camp have been sending e-mails, making Facebook posts, and tweeting about the cause in hopes that they can reach their $2,000 goal and donate that money to fund disaster relief.

Personally, I would like to see these students reach their goal because many of these students have not had many people believe in them throughout their lifetime; they are the definition of “at-risk youth.” I have not had one camp where a student has not been effected by the suicide of someone close to them. When asked if these students know someone who has been to jail more than once, over 50% raise their hands, and some share stories of how family members repeatedly go to jail.

I’d like to show these students that people DO care, that there are people who are willing to help, and that they can reach their goals if they set their minds to it!

If you could help them reach their goal in the next 9 days in any way, please consider doing so, even if that just means posting it to your Facebook profiles. It would mean a lot to me, but I know it would mean even more to these students.

Will you help?

To donate or tell people about the cause, here is the link:

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