Flying Leap by Ralf W. Oliver: Book Takeaways

I recently finished reading a book called, Flying Leap, by Ralf W. Oliver. The book is a novel on perspective, and gives some excellent insight into how we think about our stories, our egos, our relationships, and our needs. If you’re looking for a deeper look at your world, I would recommend it.


Though these may not mean much to you without understanding the full context, here are my key takeaways from Flying Leap:

  • Ego, your belief in the story of who you are, pulls you away from being your true self
  • You are the thinker, not the thought. Place more emphasis on directing your thoughts to the positive
  • There is only fear and love; each will play a large role in your decision making
  • Humans always think in the form of duality (if something exists, the opposite must also exist)
  • You can create your own story
  • Be present
  • NEED=No Experience Except Demands. Look to be less demanding
  • Live “with” your ego, not “as” your ego
  • Time moving forward is a very human concept; time is simply another aspect of the field
  • We are all aspects of the field; in that sense, we are all one
  • You are infinite and there is nothing to fear

If you do end up reading it. Let me know what you think on Twitter at @FOCUS_Kyle.


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