What Flappy Bird Can Teach You About Focus

Recently, two different people asked me, “What’s your best score in Flappy Bird?” To this I responded with that awkward laugh that always follows a statement that I completely don’t understand. I think to myself, “What is Flappy Bird and why are people so interested in my score?”

I then went onto Twitter and saw several people post about their Flappy Bird scores (you can see that I was sure to favorite them).

Tweet from @jviall:
Flappy Bird Tweet
High score from @RoskomShaela:

Flappy Birds Image

….then I went to Instagram and saw a meme with the little winged protagonist (photo from @aeastdeca).
Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.48.19 PM

So I downloaded the game and proceeded to spend about two hours leading the tiny sparrow to it’s untimely demise again and again. As I played, two things occurred to me about the concept of focus, and I thought I’d share those with you here.

1. It is much easier to stay focused when the objective is clear. In Flappy Bird, all you have to do is navigate successfully…that’s it. In basketball, all you have to do is score more points than your opponent. So when you direct your attention to your homework, a chore, a work project, or anything else, be sure to have a clearly defined objective in mind. If you don’t know what it is, you may lose focus faster than I lose in Flappy Bird.

2. Motion creates emotion. Flappy Bird forces you to tap your screen more than once per second (I wonder if any long-nailed individuals have cracked their screen while playing yet). I’m not telling you to start tapping your History textbook and it will become interesting; what I’m saying is that your brain will stay more engaged if you give yourself a break every now and then to move. Get up. Move around your office, house, or classroom. If what you are doing is not pushing you physically, you may need to plan times that you will remove yourself briefly so you can come back re-energized and ready to focus in.

I still laugh awkwardly when someone asks me, “What’s your best score in Flappy Bird?”


Because the answer is only 11.

What’s your best score in Flappy Bird? Tweet me @FOCUS_Kyle and let me know.

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  1. itsjoelwood says :

    Hi! Loved the blog. I’ve just written a blog on trends, where I talk about the lovely app of Flappy Birds… have a look! 🙂

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