Getting Unstuck


“We can’t get you on any flights out of New Hampshire until Sunday.”

These were the unfortunate words that came through the phone this past Thursday. My coworker, Latrell, and I were stuck. But an interesting thing happened in that three day layover; I actually became unstuck. Let me tell you what I mean.

The idea of being stuck implies that you have somewhere to go. This is what makes being immobile so infuriating. Think about the times you’ve used the word.

Stuck in traffic.

Stuck in the grocery store.

Stuck on a project.

The inability to move forward can be annoying, tiring, and stressful. So what did I learn from being stuck on the East Coast for three days?

The Space Between the Notes

Latrell and I weighed our options and decided to drive to Boston and spend the weekend with several of his friends. We had a blast. I experienced all-you-can-eat sushi, enjoyed Faneuil Hall, even saw the pub from my favorite movie, Good Will Hunting.

And this was while I was supposed to be “stuck.”

While not every bad experience has this type of silver lining, there are times when getting stuck is exactly what we need.

The speed of life is fast. Everyone is busy, and being unable to have things our way will always be frustrating.

But sometimes we just need to stop. We need to experience a seemingly immobilizing challenge, and through this challenge, realize that just because we aren’t moving the way we planned doesn’t mean we aren’t moving at all.

As Claude Debussy said,

“Music is the space between the notes.”

I think life is the space between the routine.


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